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21st September 2014

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Some slightly larger, non-pixelated panels from Dreamspace 3.03

As much as I love pixel dithering, I did find the last panels were lacking in detail because of it. So here’s some originals! Because why not.

Anyone who hasn’t needs to visit cryoclaire’s blog, and then go visit their comic Dreamspace. There’s a link on the blog.

At 3 chapters so far, Dreamspace isn’t just a comic, it’s a goddamned experience, a claim a lot of comics would like to make but fall short of. To truly, truly get the full thing, go to the site, turn off your noscript, put on some big clunky headphones (no earbuds, you dingus. Ew. Bad.) and turn off the light. Preferably this will take place at 2-3 AM. Now, illuminated only by the computer screen with the only sounds being that of the music (which you must play. You must.) you can begin.

Do you feel that? The slight numbness, the loss of awareness of what is around you? You’re being swept in. The way the pixels blink and buzz, the hypnotic sway of the translucent OS…You’re reading but you hear the voices.

It’s beautiful and brilliant and ugly. I can’t describe how this comic true multimedia experience transcendence has made me feel. It’s like… That feeling you get when you’re watching the sun come up for the second time in the row, and you stop, your head and hands buzzing from caffeine and forgetting to eat, and you think, “What a strange place this is.” Maybe not everyone has had that feeling, knowing the rims of their eyes are red, feeling the vacuum stick with each blink. Those who have, however, will understand.

As I noted, the link is on cryoclaire’s page, but here’s a link if you just saw this and wanted to go right this second :

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25th August 2014

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I see so much awesome art on a daily basis and it makes me want to sit down and draw until my hand falls off, but most of the time I’m really tired and can’t motivate myself, EHHHH.

22nd July 2014

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Another fart

Another fart

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26th June 2014

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Random doodle for funs. Dodgy comp though

Random doodle for funs. Dodgy comp though

26th June 2014

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Quick warmup study

Quick warmup study

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8th June 2014

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Composition sketches

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1st June 2014

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Been really busy last few weeks, Gonna try and keep this blog updated with stuff!

9th May 2014

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Dan and I have been nominated for the CG Student Awards, please visit the link and share to vote for us!!!

25th April 2014

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20th April 2014

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