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20th April 2014

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hong il An

27th March 2014

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27th March 2014

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Assassin’s Creed V: Reclamation (Supposed Concept Art)

by David Paget | Website

18th March 2014

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Blubbery personal post incoming.

Percy, my best friend, passed away today. He was around 19 years old, and has been a part of our family since i was 3 years old.

He’s the best cat anyone could ever hope for,

I’m gonna miss you too much

10th March 2014

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Don’t lock yourself in your studio and live vicariously through others via the internet: virtual experiences aren’t the same as real ones.”

2nd March 2014

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to avoid paying a construction fee, jack mubiru, a father of the skateboarding scene in uganda, fabricated a story about building a private enclosure for a pet crocodile. most local officials and neighborhood residents had never heard of skateboarding. yet six years later, the sport has spread from the skate park to the streets, attracting children as young as five and adult women.  

photographer yann gross always takes his deck with him on his journeys. during one trip to eastern africa, yann encountered a group of skaters in kitintale, a suburb of kampala, who had built the first and only half pipe in uganda. he ended up spending several months with the skaters, becoming a full member of the group, documenting a unique skate culture that, given the area’s contingencies, has styles and tricks all its own. 

text adapted from joel vacheron and julie bosman   

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13th February 2014

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Winter Train

Winter Train

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6th January 2014

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*Fellowship theme plays dramatically in the distance*

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1st January 2014

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Don’t usually do this but thought it was too funny. Also my eyes are so wonky, got some goonies sloth thing going on there

Don’t usually do this but thought it was too funny. Also my eyes are so wonky, got some goonies sloth thing going on there

1st January 2014

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